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      Welcome to Addiction Doctors of Palm Beaches

      Call Dr. Carl Gittens MD today at (561) 337-3351 or 1 (833) GITTENS

      We treat every patient as we would like to be treated. Our medical practice is private, confidential, and respectful. Concierge medical services and home visits are available for some patients. We offer Outpatient Detoxification, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and Outpatient Treatment. Treatment may include Medical Addiction Therapy. We are Medical Doctors treating the Disease of Addiction. We have treated over 1200 addicted patients.

      Addiction? We can help! Palm Beach Gardens FL

      Carl Gittens, MD blends traditional medical and psychological therapies with holistic and creative approaches to recovery. Our Practice offers on-site detox and a residential treatment program for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders that draws on everything from the standard 12-step education, group and individual therapy, Psychiatry, IV Therapy, Acupuncture, and even equine therapy.

      The treatment team consists of experienced physicians and specialists, as well as staff members who are available 24 hours a day. The major difference between most addiction centers and the Addiction Doctors of Palm Beaches is your care is performed or under the constant supervision of a medical doctor. I am a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

      If you know someone who is a drug addict, the best that you could do is take them to the Addiction Doctors of Palm Beaches. Based on the severity of the case, doctor Dr. Carl Gittens is going to custom design his or her treatment plan. Dr. Carl will clearly analyze individual cases of drug abuse and explore the reasons for their addiction. By delving into the root cause of the problem, they provide better treatment that will have a long-term effect. With the right combination of medication and counseling, improvement can be seen in patients at the early stages of Medical Addiction treatment.

      When you contact our office for treatment you will speak directly with Carl Gittens, MD.

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