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      Patient Testimonials

      Dr. Gittens is a great dr, he listens and is honest. I highly recommend him.

      - Katharine

      Great man good doctor very understanding.

      - Selina

      Dr. Gitten's is great...a very good doctor I love him!!!

      - Diana

      Dr. Gittens is a great doc, he got me in to see him in a couple of days. He was able to get me a script the same day I saw him. He is very knowledgeable on opiate dependence. I would highly recommend Dr. Gittens if you have an opiate addiction and are looking for quality treatment.

      - William

      The dr is so nice and the staff is great it is a very nice place and they really care and want to help I would recommend this dr to anyone who also has fast service in and out within 30/45 mins.

      - Loraine

      Dr. Gittens is an excellent caring doctor. He explains things, if you need a suboxone doctor, call Dr. Gittens.

      - Sheri

      Friendly, courteous, caring.

      - Johnny

      Dr. Gittens is an amazing doctor, very supportive, and ensures his patients receive the best treatment possible.

      - Sean

      I have never met a Doctor that shows he really cares for his patients. He is very patient and takes the time to answer all your questions. If you need a Dr. to help you get your life together and is caring then you should give Dr.Gittens a call.

      - Sheri

      An easy-going doctor that cares for our situation.

      - Robert

      He is a good dr. And very helpful.

      - Tristen

      If anyone is needing a caring suboxone doctor gives Dr. Gittens a call. He is easy to talk to.

      - Sheri

      Dr. Gittens is an honest, straight shooter, and very accommodating physician. As far as appointments are concerned, he really tries his best to work around your schedule. Normally, I usually would just blow off these types of emails but for the past 3 months I have been seeing him and I actually look forward to going to my appointment. Why? Because he takes the time to listen and is easy to talk to, you feel comfortable in being able to tell him things that are going on in your life, and if you are honest he will give you advice, concerning those things you normally would not disclose.

      - James

      Dr. Gittens is a very professional doctor who actually cares about recovery and addiction. If it wasn’t for Dr. Gittens I would be in a very bad place. If you have an addiction to opiates I highly suggest you give him a call and get your life back on the right track.

      - William

      Dr.Gittens is very professional as well as caring and open to your needs. Also, he’s one of the only suboxone doctors that don’t want you to be on it forever just to make money off of you, he sees the bigger picture and wants you to be ultimately off all medication.

      - Shelby

      Very responsive ready and willing to answer any questions.

      - Robert

      The first time I went to Dr. Gittens he helped me to change my life for the better. His caring, compassion, understanding, and with the aid of medication and Dr. Gittens. the support I'm on the road to a better life and a much better me. I recommend anyone who is in need of a great Doctor to contact Dr. Gittens and if u want to better yourself and your life Dr. Gittens is only a phone call away to begin your life back.

      - Sheri

      Dr. Gittens is extremely professional and compassionate. I went in nervous and knowing nothing about MAT, left comfortable I had made the right decision.

      - Jesse

      Dr. Gitten was extremely knowledgeable and saw me within a few hours of my call. He was not judgemental and was very sympathetic to my case. He is a legitimate treatment Dr.

      - James

      Answered my call in the middle of the night and saw me promptly the next day. Very friendly and helpful a tad expensive but worth it for the prompt care. ❤

      - Jonathan

      Gittens is a great guy - - he actually cares about his patients.

      - Jesse

      Five stars Dr. Gittens is a good Dr and pleasant to deal with.

      - James

      The treatment provided is a lifesaver!

      - Anthony

      Dr. Gittens is very knowledgeable and very professional took his time and actually listened to my needs will definitely seek his help from this day on!!!

      - Eric

      Very concerned and very knowledgeable.

      - Donald

      Dr. Gittens is very cool. Love this practice.

      - Shannon

      Dr. Gittens has helped me manage my life in ways that I was unable to do before. He has given me my life back! Thank you, Dr. Gittens! :)

      - Kristen

      June and Dr. Gittens are absolutely amazing!

      - Shannon

      Dr. Gittens is very thorough. He spent so much time with me during my appointment. He also explained to me what I had to do. He’s a Doctor that goes above and beyond!

      - Christine

      The doctor had helped me out many many times he’s really a great guy.

      - Robert

      I'm am grateful for the service and professionalism of Dr. Gittens.

      - Mikalyn

      Dr. Gittens is very compassionate and is willing at any time to help you. I highly recommend his office.

      - Robin

      I moved here from out of state and was in great need of seeing a Dr. When I called the Dr. he was very sympathetic to my dilemma and gave me a squeeze-in appointment for that same day. I am so grateful.

      - Joseph

      Professional and Caring Dr!

      - Pauly

      Very helpful and thorough.

      - Rudy

      Best Dr and cares a lot about helping you!

      - Ash

      Great and caring atmosphere!

      - Robin

      He's personable, approachable, takes your feelings into consideration, kind most of he listens to you.

      - Susan

      Great experience! Super helpful, easy to talk to. A laid-back, easy-going guy who's eager to help you get your life together.

      - Melissa

      Dr. Gittens is a very nice doctor and very helpful and patient to me, I highly recommend him to anybody coming off opiates.

      - Melissa

      Dr. Gittens is a professional and caring Dr.
      Also very funny. All around excellent environment. I highly recommend him.

      - Eliza

      Met Dr. Gittens today the man is very professional and understands addiction I’ve seen many addiction Drs in my life I honestly believe in this man! Looking forward to a relationship with him to help cope with daily living.

      - Eric

      Doctor Gittens is the best in Florida without a doubt. Always makes time for me and us very easy and enjoyable to work with. Highly recommended!!!

      - Tony

      Dr. Gittens is very professional and understanding to his patients. I would recommend him to anyone who has been through the "process" & needs a caring Dr that can help you as an individual to go at your own pace.

      - Shelly

      Dr. Gittens is a true professional and a brilliantly funny guy. I've missed seeing him in person due to Covid19. I speak highly of him and will always recommend Dr. Gittens.

      - Dustin

      A place to go for serious addictions. I have known him for several years and has always been helpful. You get out, what you put in. A trusted friend who has always been there for me. Thank god I found this place!

      - Chuck

      Very considerate of your situation and very willing to help.

      - Todd

      Dr. Gittens is awesome. He cares about his patients and has a friendly down to earth presence.

      - Marcy

      I've been seen dr. Gittens for about 1 year and he's great he's attentive he's approachable he has a good sense of humor and he's thorough. I would recommend him to anybody that's in need of substance abuse help.

      - Susan

      Truly more than a doctor a caring person who listens who cares about his patients and I call a friend.

      - Landon

      I have been a patient of Dr. Gittins for a couple of years now and he is an excellent doctor who will actually listen to what's going on and will truly try to help you to the best of his abilities as a physician who cares about his patients. I would definitely recommend seeing him to anyone looking for a doctor in his field of practice!!!

      - Amy

      He saved my life he is very considerate and will work with you I would recommend him 100% thank you, doctor.

      - Todd

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